Good To Great

Title:Good To Great
Author:Jim Collins
Published:Oct 16th, 2001
Genre:Business Book

Review: Jim Collin’s Good to Great is an understanding of the factors that companies have used so far to develop not just their output, but also develop as a team or an organization. Some companies have grown through their single-minded goals, while others have focused on not just themselves, but taking the team as a whole with them.

Jim’s multi-year study has made him realize some of the levels from which each company goes through. These levels are not just an understanding of the kinds of leaders they become at each level, but also the kind of strategy that they apply for their team.

How to go from good to great? Here is a tiny test that the book presents:

  • Analyse what you are best at.
  • Where would that best’s “profit” come from?
  • How compassionate are you to commit to it?

After this test, you will understand your capabilities. But the external factors that play a role in the company’s growth have not been mentioned. Or rather, it is not “what the technology can do for us”, but the perspective of “what we can do with the technology to grow further” that matters more. Great leaders turn the option for the company, not vice versa. Making the best of a source for the sake of the company and all its employees is the mindset of a great leader. And according to Jim, that mindset is right outside the boundary of being a “Boss”.

The growth scale not only depends on the list of processes and achievements that need to be ticked off, but on what that needs not be done anymore. However, while there is no high without a low, only a few years after this book was published, Jim brought out a new book, “How the mighty fall”, which is in stark contrast to his earlier publication.

But being an optimist, one can always put up a good study for the book “Good to Great”, and ensure some great learnings from the constructive research, which is quite helpful in the first few years of a company’s growth span.

Learning Outcomes:

  • A great leader is defined by his resourcefulness, ability to make split second decisions, and supportiveness.
  • The best, most successful organizations grow their business with their team in tow.
  • If used in to facilitate growth instead of an actual means of growth, tech-mobilization can help with organizational expansion.

WinningGO Thinks:

Business needs hard work, commitment, flexible goals and a far-sighted vision to truly thrive. What is needed most, however, is a team of driven, passionate, and growth-oriented individuals, and a leader who is insightful enough to grow the organization with them.