Think Rich & Grow Rich

Title:Think and Grow Rich
Author:Napolean Hill
Genre:Business Book

Review:   The book is a collection of thirteen steps that can help you reach the ultimate rich goal of your life. In simple words, here are the steps:

  1. Desire: for the rich goal.
  2. Faith: in your ability to attain that goal.
  3. Auto-Suggestion: practice your riches goal twice a day.
  4. Specialized Knowledge: have people who are master of a subject than trying to know it all.
  5. Imagination: thinking out of the box has the greater power.
  6. Organized Planning: Utilizing all assets with great Team work.
  7. Decision: You decide with caution, you reap the results, none else.
  8. Persistence: your desire will help you keep going towards your goal.
  9. Mastermind Power: Teaming your masterminds for great results.
  10. Gender Transmutation: It’s odd, but works, having good looks around the workplace. Though has not worked with me, for I have had some beautiful people around in the office, but that certainly did not stimulate my mind to work faster or more creative. Maybe because I was not attracted to them? This situation doesn’t happen often in workplaces, though.
  11. Subconscious Mind: let it dominate the positivity in yourself for a better aligned thought process. While positivity is the key, the subconscious cannot be always overruled. And to add, normally the subconscious picks some information which the conscious mind cannot describe.
  12. Brain: if you can be a psychopath, you can tune the minds around you into the same frequency. (just kidding)
  13. Sixth Sense: Using your magnetic aura to understand the vibes regarding your rich goals. Vibes are a source that alert your sixth sense, but that again is a seldom occurring as far as our business minds are concerned. Although, if such an experience has ever occurred with you, we’d love to hear it out.

The book has some pros and cons, and when you read this short summary, you’ll know what they are. Even then, always utilize the good you find, for it is healthy mind food.

Learning Outcome:

The 13 rules of Napoleam that are sure to give you an insight on how to make rich money goals, good ones at that, and how to reach that desired goal.

WinningGO Thinks:

A single-minded book that has grabbed all the possibilities that could play a more than 30% part in getting you the riches you require. Each fact is interlinked, and some are more applicable than others. Yet, a book that gives you a clear path on how to create a goal for riches and work your way up to it.