Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We’ve just talked about how AI is the next big thing to make the marketing sphere spin even faster, but there’s another offshoot of the ‘robotic trend’ that will make waves in the 2019 corporate landscape: We introduce Robotic Process Automation. RPAs are defined as software that automates business processes, from transactions to data management, and even email responses. So, while RPAs are in no way a new concept-businesses have been using them for menial, repetitive tasks for years-but expect their applications to expand far beyond generating invoices and generic emails to performing smarter, more varied processes like placing appointments and operating aircraft (drones and commercial jets alike). Mass RPA adoption will also expand the job market by increasing the need for specialized developers, project managers, analysts, solution architects, and consultants-a major dilemma with the rising number of job-seeking graduates every year.